One summer day

V. Pekárek / V. Pekárek

One summer day my doorbell is ringing
I answer the door cause she knows I’ve been waiting
She’s beautifully smelling after the flowers
She’s collected on her way
And cheerfully telling how nearly been caught
When she had to run away

Ref: She taught me
How to do better with needles and string
I could see
All that joy in her eyes
Why should we
Still hardly together be closing the ring
I don’t treat her
In any ill manner
Cause she’s shy
Just to be wise

And then for a while we have to be parting
But in couple of hours she says she’ll be coming
No violent deeds after four hours
She’s ringing my door again
Still the wonderful scent, she comes as she’s promised
Like nobody else on that day.


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